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Marble Granite Countertops: The Perfect Countertops

2017-02-02 13:21:44

The installation of granite countertops at home has become a home decoration fashion, especially in the more upscale residential area, the most popular and striking of which is the marble granite countertops.


In fact, some people are confused by the term marble granite countertops, because marble and granite are two different natural stones. Therefore, we need to explain that at first place. Marble granite countertops are not really made of marble, but made of granite. Why we name it the marble granite countertops is because this countertop has a marble unique luster and smoothness. Like other forms of granite, marble granite countertops are very hard, durable, resilient, and resistant to hot and cold, these unique properties appealing to many owners and designers.


In fact, the marble granite countertops have become a favorite of kitchen designers around the world because of their extremely hard features. They are so hard that you can cut things directly on top without using a chopping board. The only thing that can pierce the surface of the granite is a diamond, or another piece of granite.


Another feature of marble granite countertops is that they don’t have the exact same design or pattern. Whatever design you intend to use, it will look perfect. In addition, the simple and elegant pattern of marble granite can match almost any colors and provide a good backdrop for any furniture you want to put into your room.


The most popular styles are designs of marble granite countertops or those very shiny countertops as described above. There are also other types of granite countertops, where you can choose ungrained or unpolished granite. These types, however, are most commonly used on floors rather than on countertops.


Marble granite countertops are priced according to the origin and rare degree of pattern or color. But whatever granite slab you buy, you will definitely appreciate the same characteristics as other granite countertops - They are durability and resistance to high temperature.

Report by RORY WU Professional Sales Representative@MACHENG DONGWU STONE COMPANY LIMITED.

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